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Applied Comm. Portfolio

A Journey Through Space, Time, and Majors

Hello! My name is Zachary Jones but Zack works for me, this is my last semester here at UA-Little Rock where I have traveled around and visited many majors and departments before I finally landed here in Applied Communication. When I began my journey I was a fresh faced high school graduate hoping that I could just skate by, and graduate at the end with a degree that can make me some money. Going in I did not really want to select a major right off the bat but I somehow wound up signing up for Human Resources Management. I spent a semester there when I decided that I would rather work with people instead of behind the scenes so I switched to Marketing where I spent a year of my time being miserable. At one point I was considering dropping out of college all together when I came across the fantabulous Dr. McIntyre and Advanced Public Speaking. I am a definite high anxiety person, when I was younger I had to find ways to cope with it otherwise I just shut down. I decided to take Advanced Public Speaking (SPCH/ACOM 3320) so that I could work on my speaking ability in front of others. My life was forever changed. I will admit that taking SPCH/ACOM 3320 while doing another presentation class, carrying an 18 hour course load, and working 30 hours a week is not advisable. However, this was the class that kept me from dropping out of university and changing majors. After much deliberation and conversations with some family and friends I decided that if I were to stay I would have to change majors so I set up a meeting with Dr. April and talked with her. After that I was a major I never realized that a communication major is not so much about giving presentations but more about doing ethical and positive communication. True, there are many great classes in the department but below I have listed a few of the ones that I have used the most frequently, if you click on the class title you should be directed to a page with a link which should open one of the many papers or presentations I wrote for the class.

Advanced Public Speaking


Communication Ethics


Conflict Managment